Saturday, July 13, 2013

Guncraft Key Generator


Welcome to our website!
I made this website to provide my way of getting Guncraft for free to all of you. What this means is that with a few minutes of time and no money you will be able to play the full, un-cracked version of Guncraft for free!

How did we do this?
 Alot of you are probably wondering how we can possibly get this game for free. I can't go into to much detail because I would like to keep it on the low so the creators of Guncraft don't find out. I will also add that I am a coder so when I found this exploit I decided to share it while helping myself a bit.

What does the program look like?
Here is an image of the program:

My goal while I was making this program was to keep it looking sleek and user friendly. The program consists of a box for the user to type in their email, a progress bar that is activated when the user clicks the "Get code!" button, and obviously the "Get code!" button. To stop users from abusing the exploit i have limited each IP address to 1 code. If you get your code and it doesn't work for some reason please contact me with valid proof and I will get you a replacement. If I let users abuse this the program would become noticed by the creators of Guncraft.

How do you get the program?
Instead of selling the program I decided that placing the downloadable file behind a survey would be the most fair. I know alot of people hate surveys but its alot better than paying money for the program in my opinion.
---If you need help doing surveys look below:
        How to easily complete surveys:
       - Use real and legitimate information. Surveys can detect if you enter fake/fraudulent information, so be sure to enter your REAL information.
       - Be patient. Sometimes, after completing a survey, it can take 1-5 minutes for the download to unlock. If the download does not unlock after completing a survey (and after waiting 1-5 minutes), try another survey, until you can unlock the download.
        - Be sure to complete the survey requirements. This means filling in all the required fields, and completing all of the pages.

Instructions to download:
Step 1: Click the download button below to download the program.
Step 2: Extract the files, and open up the "Guncraft - key Generator" file.
Step 3: Enter your email and click the "Get Code!" button.
Step 4: Wait for the email containing the code and when you receive it,redeem!